Friday, October 14, 2016


  • Support the sales team by taking a consultative role, including making architectural recommendations, troubleshooting configuration issues, and managing correspondence with other functional units by implementing IBM ODM solutions
  • Articulate and educate on technical and architectural concepts to a variety of audiences, including developers, architects, IT operations professionals, and senior IT management
  • Design and develop rules and event solutions using IBM ODM (Operational Decision Management), iLog, JRules, BRMS.
  • Sell the value of your capabilities using multiple formats/channels, including phone, presentation, and live/online product demonstrations
  • Provide technical oversight and leadership on projects while effecting an enterprise-wide view of business and appreciation for strategy, processes and enabling technologies
  • iLog integration, iLog customization, Rule/Decision Service optimization
  • Manage & co-ordinate practice thought leadership initiatives
  • Foster teamwork and inclusion among all employees - across locations, cultures and geographies
  • Create and deliver custom demonstrations to support the sales cycle
  • Ability to quantify business value (cost-benefit and ROI analysis) and develop business cases for process improvement initiatives
  • Ability to work on complex business problems where analysis of situations or data requires an evaluation of intangible variance factors
  • Perform technical discovery with customer prospects and quickly architect/build proposed solutions using your capabilities
  • Successfully manage and execute technical proof of concepts (POCs), on-site or remote
  • Able to respond with functional experience concerning IBM ODM, WODM or JRules / ILOG and/or other industry standard Business Rules Engines such as Blaze advisor, Corticon, Pega, Drools
  • Responsible for representing yourself to customers and at field events such as conferences, seminars, etc.
  • Support Marketing with developer marketing and evangelism activities, including writing blogs, participating in demo-driven webinars, and speaking at industry events

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